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Fashion Video: Black V by HALO REPUBLIC

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hello london! this is the official video of black v: a dark fashion event, held at the press club in san francisco. 05.29.10. much thanks and appreciation to saazmantra productions & all of the fashionable people who made this event possible. relive and enjoy the moment. share and enkindle the passion for fashion. fashion happens. this is HALO REPUBLIC. [if you want to get involved in future fashion shows, email me at:, for other inquiry, email]


Food for thought: got milk?

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Milk does the body good. It’s nutritious and good for your bones, teeth, hair, nails and skin. No wonder I found this inside the shopping centre… near cosmetics.
Go ahead drink and be beautiful.

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Chanel Camelia

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The wintery flower, Camellia, arrived fashionably late but blooming fabulously in the New Bond Street.

Heathrow wonder egg

Posted in Just Spotted by StarGazer on March 31, 2010

Getting ready for our Easter holiday and for this trip, I have one more “to-do” on my check list:  online duty-free shopping.  Good news for the Londoners:  Heathrow airport provides their travelers Reserve and Collect service, in which you can shop online in advance and collect the duty-free merchandise at the airport.  For those who reside in London, you can also use their other service, Shop and Collect, in which you can store your shopping at the airport, and pick them up when you return from your holiday.

Happy Easter


Blah,, outlet service

Posted in Life Is So ___ by StarGazer on March 23, 2010

With the backing of its reputable sister company Net-a-porter, I finally flexed my fingers at, my first time, with confidence and high expectation. (well, their return method sort of was the deterrence for my delayed patron status). But how my expectation failed me! Last week, they held a mouth-watering go-going-gone-gone event and I managed to obtained a couple of items that ‘should’ fit me. Yeh, they “should” fit, but I still don’t know yet as they still have not arrived. When I placed the order last Tuesday, the message said that the processed order are ‘usually’ being dispatched within 48 hours. But the order seemed to take forever to process, it comparatively feels like “forever” especially when I received an order from another company in 2 days as it declares on its website.

I phoned on Monday and the lady who answered the phone politely informed me that the event was extermely popular “as expected” and their warehouse was backlogged with orders. Erm, if the backlog was foreseeable, why didn’t they implement contingency fulfillment plan? Or, at least update the fulfillment message to reflect its expected delay of delivery?

Anyhow, they got back to me today via email (as instructed and thank you) and informed me another tragic news: the dress that I ordered was run out and my order was taken mistakenly by their inventory system. Grggggg. Do they understand that they also cost me my opportunity cost here??? I could have done some research else where, including websites in the States. Yes, I online-shop and research Trans-Atlantic-ally.

I think this company really needs to think about how to incorporate technology into their business process. How about a Content Management System that allows the business to update the message when needed; build a simple algorithm to track its ordering traffics and automatically calculates a watermark to cushion their orders so that they won’t overbook their orders and disappoint their customers. Ok, maybe I’m being presumptuous here, maybe they do have everything in place and I was just being stuck by bad luck, twice in a row. But, still!

Nowadays, shoppers demand more and more from a company. Providing the best product selection and pricing is no longer the bottom line to grant a business its success. Every interaction is a chance to either build customer’s trust and hopefully loyalty, or to, crush both. Worse, in my case, I blogged about this poor customer experience and made a scratch on its brand image. Oops.


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Green Jelly beans

Posted in Just Spotted by StarGazer on March 3, 2010

Spread your love with pearls of Yves

Posted in Penne & Pasta by StarGazer on February 26, 2010

Caviar with Yves Saint Lauren’s design, namely Love 2010.

Love 2010 by Yves Saint Laurent

Love 2010 by Yves Saint Laurent


F-talk Exchange- San Francisco: Snow

Posted in F-talk Exchange - by becauseofyves on February 26, 2010
bryan sheets & sara jane

bryan sheets in bacca da silva & sara jane in christopher collins

snow is a white fashion event that thrives to inspire and to enkindle the passion for fashion through creativity and innovation. it aims to provide an interactive/dynamic  fashion platform for the fashion industry in sf. creative director: owen buenaventura

snow featured the all-white collection of: bacca da silva. christopher collins. colleen quen. dcepcion. verrieres & sako. and joseph domingo. the event was held at pigment cosmetics first retail makeup studio in san francisco.

alexis & charlene

alexis hutt in joseph domingo & charlene phan in colleen quen

during the planning stages of snow, imagination was a key. imagine a photo shoot and informal runway show in studio 1. designers. fashionistas. stylists. models. artists. photographers. fashion editors. bloggers. and glitteratis. the movers and shakers of the sf fashion industry. all wearing white. all in one roof. imagine.

now you don’t have to imagine:

also seen in SFiS.

wish you were here.

Just Spotted: we made SFiS March 2010 cover

Posted in Just Spotted by becauseofyves on February 26, 2010

Designer Joseph Domingo texted me and head stylist Mike Sg followed up with another one: Have you seen it? Did you get a copy? Without thinking twice Beamer and I went for a magazine hunt: on Fillmore Street, on Chestnut Street and finally on Union street. Alas! When I saw the last stand standing with Sara Jane (Ford) wearing a gown by Christopher Collins and a special neckpiece by Mike, I knew that Snow, the white fashion event, has made the cover story of the fashion supplement of San Francisco Chronicle: SFiS.  Big, big thank you’s to all the Fashion Enthusiasts that made this event possible.

Sara Jane SFiS cover

Sara Jane in Christopher Collins at Snow | a white fashion event

This has been Owen B., just spotted in San Francisco, right here on your little hautebook. Get it while it’s haute!

F-Talk Exchange-London: Haute fur

Posted in F-talk Exchange - by StarGazer on February 24, 2010

While multiple designers were being condemned for showcasing fur in the LFW show, Burberry’s furry eyecandies were welcomed with approval nods. Yes, Christopher Bailey did it again (beautifully) with animal by-product – shearling. Unlike last season, the girls are also being well taken care of in the 2010 AW collection. The exclusive collection is available to order at your fingertips until Februrary 26th. Hurry!

Burberry Prorsum AW10 - shearling fur coat with constrasting straight and curly panel

Burberry Prorsum AW10 - shearling cropped aviator jacket

Burberry Prorsum AW10 - shearling cropped aviator jacket